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Not only can love be found everywhere -- in an idea, an experience, a lover, a friend, etc.-- but it's like compound interest: the more you have the more you get. As Emily Dickinson wrote, "The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience." The most important piece of love advice I ever got was this: "Treat yourself like a prize." The strange part is: I can no longer remember who first passed on the wisdom.John is an artist, music composer, and video editor.John has won two Emmys in the television community and a Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival for “Kids Saving Kids” and “On Hallowed Ground.” John worked at Lifetime Networks and the Oprah Winfrey Network specializing in women’s programming.John is a very positive person who loves life and wants to help others find their own unique voice and sacred joy! It's official: since my Feb 29, 2012 post I have lost 10lbs and 4 inches combined off my waist and belly. No diet just no more than 1500 calories a day eating delicious Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice entrees. The new culinary chefs for Lean Cuisine make fabulous meals and Healthy choice chicken Alfredo is delicious.Also included are sex tips that will write your name into the “Life Book” of your new friend/mate.Everyone deserves love and companionship; Best Dating Book Ever will teach you how to “Get The First Real Date” that can turn into the romance you have always dreamed about. Delivers a simple, direct, and real way to communicate with potential mates in awkward meeting situations.

Many women and men do not know how to initiate and keep a good conversation going in unique meeting environments, a bar, club, or even a friend's party.Twenty years, three children and a dog later, I'm still married to the man who loved me back. The couple who served as my polestars for love shared litter box tasks (and everything else).My mother, Ingrid Teichner, always said "to love is to be happy with.". That is my advice to myself in midlife, seeking love.Many women and men do not know how to initiate and keep a good conversation going in unique meeting environments, a bar, club, or even a friend’s party.Best Dating Book Ever tells stories, actual lines and topics to say, body language, and speaking tricks that advance the conversation to friend status, and finally, tips to motivate the person to “Get The First Real Date.” The micro book is easy and fun to read, full of interesting stories, real life situations, and a dialogue that is valuable and edgy.

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