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Mc Cray III on Twitter @William GMc Cray, Instagram @Sir William GMc Cray III, Periscope @Sir William GMc Cray III to watch my live viedos and to keep up on the latest!!!Jones, the mother of famous singer, actress and model Grace Jones, served as overseer and evangelist at the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Syracuse. Marjorie is survived by her eight children, including Grace and Los Angeles preacher Bishop Noel Jones of City of Refuge Church, and more than a dozen grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She had suffered a massive stroke last month and Grace, who released the song “I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears)” when her father died in 2008, kept a bedside vigil.This comes shortly after Bishop Noel Jones returned to his pulpit after being out for over three months.

We’ve learned exclusively that Lisa Raye Mc Coy has (for quite some time) been dating Pastor Noel Jones, a well-known pastor in Gardena, CA.

Membership had suffered and attendance had been down due to Noel not having been able to attend church in months.

Bishop Jones is back, but not 100 % and is preaching from a chair on the floor at the alter and not the pulpit.

Rumor has it that the two may be getting married, very soon.

Lisa Raye, who is a well-known actress, has been married once before (to Premier Michael Misick). Pastor Jones, who is the pastor of the City of Refuge, has been single (as in un-married) for quite some time, but has been married before as well.

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