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As with future installments, Grand Theft Auto III features several major, supporting and minor characters.

Similar to Maria she also develops a liking for Claude.

Operating from his apartment and office in south Bedford Point, Staunton Island, he primarily tasks Claude with jobs related to receiving a mysterious "package" delivered by plane.

Following Claude's help in retrieving an authenticated secret package Love disappears, leaving only an empty box in his penthouse garden. Love Media controls approximately "900 radio stations, 300 television stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, (and) 10 senators", with the Love Media brand name, Love's announcements or related commercials are evident in certain radio stations, including Head Radio, Flashback 95.6, Double Cleff FM, and Chatterbox FM.

Love is portrayed as a necrophiliac and possessing a fascination for human corpses, thus explaining his connection to the aforementioned "morgue party" in GTA III.

However, Love had apparently operated in Liberty City in 1998 and already owns several radio stations and newspapers, contrary to what the aforementioned 2001 Liberty Tree article claims.

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